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Effortlessly manage your school, staff, and teachers. Streamline communication with parents and students. Master attendance, billing, enrolment, and learning plans with our comprehensive, user-friendly online platform.

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Top Features

Simplicity in Education: Ilerno's Streamlined Approach to School Management

Navigating the Challenges of School Management with Smart, User-Friendly Tools

Scheduling Simplified:

No More Calendar Chaos

Tired of the endless juggling act with class schedules, teacher availability, and room bookings?

Ilerno turns scheduling nightmares into a streamlined dream. Our advanced scheduling system effortlessly coordinates courses and classes, manages exam timetables, and fills in for absent teachers, ensuring a smooth educational flow. Say goodbye to scheduling conflicts and hello to organized, efficient school days.
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Connect & Collaborate:

Bridging Communication Gaps

Struggle with disconnected communication channels in your school community?

Ilerno's integrated communication tools are the answer. Our platform brings together students, parents, teachers, and administrators in one unified space. From important announcements to everyday interactions, our system fosters clear, consistent communication, making sure everyone is on the same page.

Attendance Tracker:

Every Student Counts

Concerned about tracking student attendance effectively?

Ilerno's attendance feature offers a reliable solution. It not only monitors daily attendance but also highlights patterns, helping identify at-risk students. With real-time data and comprehensive reports, stay informed about your students' attendance and intervene timely to support their academic journey.

Relationships Refined:

Understanding Your School Community

Struggling to maintain meaningful relationships with students and parents?

Ilerno's CRM system helps you connect deeper. Understand your community's needs, track engagement, and tailor your approach to meet their expectations. This feature is not just a tool; it's your ally in building a cohesive, responsive educational environment.
Tasks & Projects

Task Master:

Streamlining Educational Activities

Overwhelmed by the complexity of managing various educational tasks and projects?

Ilerno's task and project management tools bring order to chaos. Assign, track, and evaluate student work efficiently, while enabling collaborative projects that inspire and engage. Transform the way you manage educational activities, and focus on delivering exceptional learning experiences.
Invoicing & Payroll

Financial Clarity:

Simplifying School Billing

Bogged down by complicated billing and financial record-keeping?

Ilerno's billing feature offers clarity and ease. Manage tuition, fees, and other financial transactions with precision. Generate accurate invoices, track payments, and keep your school's finances in impeccable order. With ilerno, financial management becomes less of a burden and more of a breeze.

What our Customers Say

"As Artistic Director at The Masters Music School, I highly value ilerno's impact on music education. Its innovative platform enhances our teaching methods, making lessons more engaging and personalized for students. For parents, it offers a clear view of their child's progress and involvement in our community. Most importantly, ilerno provides our students with a dynamic and adaptable learning environment, supporting diverse learning styles and fostering artistic growth. ilerno aligns seamlessly with our mission to inspire and empower young musicians."

Przemek Dembski

Artistic Director, The Masters Music School