Education is not only a process of learning the facts, but also learning how to learn. In this blog, I will share my experience in teaching students to become self-taught. Do you know what is the best way to teach your child? Well, it depends on a lot of factors. The academic level, age and competences are just a few of them. But there is no doubt that the most important thing to do is to motivate them to get interested in learning and encourage them to be self-taught.

Learning is not a skill but a habit and if the students can continuously practice it, they are bound to become self-sufficient learners. I believe that the education system should promote self-learning instead of spoon-feeding. In this blog, I will share my experience on how to teach kids in such a way that they become capable of solving problems on their own so that they can take decisions independently and make informed choices as an adult.

The whole idea of educating students to become self-taught is that the student should learn new things by themselves. They are interested in mastering a subject and want to gain information independently. With all the distractions in today’s digital world, we need a new way to teach our kids where they can learn efficiently, stay focused and acquire the skills they need to be successful.

Learn Everything you need to know before starting a task

Reading up on the topic is the best method to accomplish this. You can utilise the internet or books for assistance if you need it with your schoolwork or studying for an exam. Before beginning a task, you must be aware of what you are getting yourself into. If you don’t, it will be very tough to finish.

Ask Questions

If you don’t know how to do something, then don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you are trying to learn something new, then it’s always best to have someone there who can give you advice and direction. If you are confused about something, then it is best to ask someone who knows more than you do. You can ask your teacher or someone else who has experience with the subject. It will help you understand the material better and make it easier for you to complete tasks.

Give yourself a time limit

If you have too much time on your hands, then it will be very easy to procrastinate. If you give yourself a deadline, then it will motivate you to get things done quickly. You can set a timer so that it goes off when your time limit is up or just tell yourself that once the alarm sounds then you have to stop what you’re doing and go do something else. It’s important for your mind and body to take breaks from whatever task.

Search the web for easy tutorials

If you are struggling with a task, then it can be very helpful to search the internet for tutorials and videos that will help you with it. You may not have time to watch an entire video, but even just watching one or two minutes of a video could help you find the answer. There are tons of tutorials and articles that can help you figure out how to do anything that you want, take advantage of online resources, If you need help with anything, then there are websites out there that can provide assistance.

Practise different techniques

One thing that can really help you learn something is to try different techniques, This will give you some idea of what it feels like and how difficult it may be, then, when they are not around anymore, practice on your own. If you’re trying to learn to do something, practice different techniques. For example, if you’re learning to make a cake, try different ingredients or tools to figure out which ones work best for your needs. This is a great way to develop skills because it allows you to find what works best.

Keep records of what you have learned

It’s important to keep records of what you have learned, this will help you to remember the information for a longer period of time, and also give you something to refer back to when needed. For example, if you are learning to play an instrument, keep track of when you first started playing. Then write down what songs.

Explain the purpose of your lessons

It is important to explain the purpose of your instructions, this allows students to understand why they are learning a new language and how it will benefit them in the long run.

Be clear and concise

Make sure that your instructions are clear and concise. The more complex you make them, the less likely students will be able to understand what you are trying to explain. If there are certain concepts that the class needs to learn before continuing with the lesson, then make sure these points are clearly stated at the beginning of each section.

Self-taught students have more time to prepare for exams because they don’t have to worry about their daily activities in school. They can also focus on the subject better than students who are taught by teachers.

It also helps motivate students to study because they can earn points for studying and playing games, This encourages them to study harder and not give up.

Self-taught people are more successful because they are so smart and resourceful. They are able to learn things that they want or need to know, and this is what makes them so successful.

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