Importance of Regular Attendance in Academic Success

Attendance is an important part of student success, but it can be hard for teachers to keep track of who’s in their classroom. Here are some tips for making sure your students are where they’re supposed to be:

Keep a consistent policy

  • Make sure your policy is clear and fair for all students. If you want your students to be in the classroom, it makes sense that they should be there during regular class time.
  • Communicate the attendance policy clearly to students, so they can plan and avoid surprises. They should know consequences for failing to meet school/district standards.

  • Enforce the attendance policy consistently across all classes and grade levels so that no one feels singled out—or worse yet, punished—for not meeting those standards on occasion due to extenuating circumstances such as illness or family emergencies.

Talk to students about why attendance matters

  • Explain how their work will be affected by the amount of time they spend in class. 
  • Describe how time spent in class affects work. Not completing reading can lead to unpreparedness for discussions, assignments or tests, missing crucial information and damaging relationships with peers/professor.

  • Attending school and participating is an opportunity for students. Irregular class attendance means giving up exam/project opportunities.


Communicate with parents

The first step to successful attendance monitoring is communication. It’s important to keep parents in the loop on what they can do to support their child’s attendance, as well as the reasons why it is so crucial.
For instance, you may want to provide parents with a list of reasons why it’s important for their children to attend classes:
  • Students learn better when they are at school.
  • Students who miss class will not be able to complete assignments and tests on time.
  • Students who miss class cannot receive help from classmates or teachers when needed!

Use low-tech solutions

  • Spreadsheet
  • Whiteboard
  • Calendar
  • Phone app (iCalendar, Google Calendar, etc.)
  • Classroom management system

Use technology

  • Use an online class attendance system that allows you to print out a daily roster so you can keep track of who is in attendance. You’ll also be able to see which students are skipping class, and what days they usually miss. This will help you plan better when absent students are present, especially if it’s been awhile since they last attended class!

Monitoring class attendance can be hard, but these tips will make it easier. It’s important to keep track of attendance, and it can be an easy way to see if students are missing class. You may also want to consider using a classroom management system like Ilerno! Our platform let you monitor attendance, send out assignments and announcements, take attendance remotely through an app on students’ phones (if they have them), and more!

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