Why your school needs ilerno?

A school’s management software is important for several reasons, it provides transparency, which can helps both parents and teachers feel more confident about their child’s education. It allows teachers to give your child constructive feedback and let you know where they need extra help. This blog is a friendly reminder to ask your school what system they use, and why it’s a valuable tool to help your student be successful in school.

School Management Software, ilerno provides the necessary tools to manage grades and track student progress while providing you with the knowledge that your data is secure. There are many reasons why a school management software is incredibly important to the success of any school. In fact, you may already be aware that the main functions of a this software can provide communication with teachers and students, record the students progress, courses, scheduling, attendance, permissions, LMS, CRM and Billing, and soon there will be a lot features. Here the reasons why your school needs school management software like ilerno.

Benefits of using ilerno:

Save Time

Using school management software, allows you to save time by automating the process of entering grades, it will also eliminates any opportunities for human error that could lead to mistakes or inaccuracies. With this, you can easily create reports and summaries of student performance. While it may seem like an easy task to keep track of grades, many teachers and administrators find themselves spending hours everyday trying to remember what grade they gave each student, you can also need to keep track of attendance and make sure all assignments are completed before the end of the semester.

Communication Tools

School Management Software will also provide you with a way to communicate with parents and students. You can use this communication tool to send out assignments, as well as reminders about due dates for those assignments. Student can also use this software to submit their work and check on the status of their attendance.

Reduce Paperwork

In today’s digital world, everything is online, School Management Software is a great way to reduce the amount of paperwork you have to deal with each year. These systems can store student records, attendance records, and other important information in one central location so that you don’t need to keep paper copies at home or in your classroom.

Functions and tools that are accessible for utilisation in Ilerno:


It serves the purpose of managing the timetables and schedules of classes, teachers, and students. It helps in organising the school’s daily routine, assigning tasks, and ensuring that everyone knows where they need to be and at what time.

The scheduling function typically includes features such as creating and managing class schedules, assigning teachers to classes, creating and managing exam schedules, setting up events and activities, and managing substitute teachers in case of absences.


It facilitates effective and efficient communication between various stakeholders in the school community, including teachers, administrators, students, and parents.

School management software typically includes various communication tools, such as messaging systems, email, discussion forums, and announcements. These tools allow teachers to communicate with students and parents about assignments, grades, and other important information. They also enable administrators to share announcements, schedules, and policies with the school community.


This feature is important because it allows school administrators and teachers to monitor student attendance patterns and identify students who may be at risk of falling behind in their studies.

With the attendance feature, school management software can create attendance reports and provide real-time attendance data for parents and school administrators. This data can be used to track student progress, inform decision-making, and communicate with parents about their child’s attendance. Additionally, the attendance feature can be used to generate reports for regulatory compliance purposes.


The main function of permissions in school management software is to ensure data security and privacy. By assigning specific permissions to users based on their roles and responsibilities, administrators can prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information such as student records, financial data, and staff information.

By controlling access to different parts of the software, permissions also help ensure data accuracy and consistency. This is because users are only able to view and modify data that is relevant to their role, which reduces the risk of errors or inconsistencies caused by multiple users editing the same information.


LMS stands for Learning Management System. It provides a central platform for teachers to upload educational resources, such as documents, videos, and interactive quizzes, and for students to access them anytime and anywhere.

It also allows teachers to track student performance, identify areas for improvement, and provide personalized feedback to students. It can generate reports on student progress, attendance, and grades, making it easier for teachers and administrators to assess the effectiveness of their teaching methods and adjust them accordingly.


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and it is a software system designed to manage interactions with customers, including students, parents, and other stakeholders in a school environment.

CRM can provide schools with insights into their marketing and recruitment efforts, helping them identify areas for improvement and target their messaging to the right audience.

Tasks and projects

It is important components of school management software that allow teachers and administrators to effectively manage and track various educational activities.

Tasks refer to specific assignments or activities that need to be completed by students, teachers, or staff members. These can include homework assignments, quizzes, exams, presentations, and other similar activities.

Projects are more complex and involve multiple tasks and activities that need to be completed over a period of time. Projects can involve group work, research, and presentations. 


It refers to the financial management module that handles the billing and invoicing processes for the school. The main function of this is to manage the financial transactions of the school, including billing for tuition fees, admission fees, exam fees, and other charges.

The billing module allows the school to generate invoices for individual students or groups of students, and it tracks the payment status of each invoice. It also enables the school to generate reports on student account balances, payment history, and outstanding payments.

ilerno is the best school management software for your students and teachers. Teachers can use the system to manage schedules and attendance, create customised reports and more. Students can use ilerno to log in to their account and access the class schedule, homework, and other materials assigned by the teacher. ilerno can also be used as school management software for parents and teachers who want to keep track of how well each student is performing in class. The best part is that it’s completely free and has powerful features, ilerno is a school management software that can be used by teachers and parents

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